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We were just too smart.

Too damn smart. That's the problem.

Oxbridge Rejects
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This is a place for Oxbridge Rejects* to:

  • go on about how Not Bothered they are by having been rejected

  • go on about how there's been a Terrible Mistake

  • be unable to Let Go, even though it was two years ago, hah

  • curse/insist on the academic inferiority of/generally bitch about friends who were offered a place in a secure environment where they don't have to pretend to be happy for them

  • sing the praises of the other universities that frankly offer better courses for your subject anyway

  • moan about the fact that they send you your rejection letter on Christmas Eve

  • share interview nightmares

  • post links to Guardian articles that make us feel better

  • develop snarky theories about the selection process ("I bet they pick the boring ones!")

*"applicants who were not offered a place at Oxford or Cambridge"

Have fun! Bile and bitterness are encouraged.

-your lazy "moderator", nerdanelthenerd.

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