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Oxbridge Rejects

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Le Sigh [Jan. 11th, 2006|12:43 am]
Oxbridge Rejects
On the 22nd of December I was rejected from Oxford. I thought about it a lot for a couple of weeks, but now only pause ocasioanlly to think 'sigh' and then get on with my life.
However, I find something un peu troubling. Maybe I'm the only person who thought this, and it seems to be that way so far, but weren't you a little underwhelmed when you got there? I'd kind of assumed having breakfast/lunch/dinner/being in the JCR/going to "G+D's" (SO OVERRATED, MY MOTHER MAKES BETTER ICE-CREAM) would be like a larger-scale version of 'Have I Got News For You'. You know, witty banter, sarcastic asides, geeky people with big hair and erudition coming out of their ears...perhaps even a bit of philsophical discussion. Oh, and mix that in with boys running around in velvet jackets clutching over-sized teddy-bears. And posh girls smoking. And...ok getting a bit carried away here. But anyway, then when I got there, I realised that it was all a bit...er...dry. Everyone was very clever. But that was about it. Some of them looked like they hadn't smiled or cracked a joke in their lives. I felt like shouting JUST HAVE SEX at half of them.
Where was Sebastian Flyte?
Maybe everyone was just really nervous.
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If Only... [Jan. 1st, 2006|07:55 pm]
Oxbridge Rejects

[mood |pensivepensive]

Perhaps I am a freak. Perhaps I am a sado-masochist. Perhaps I'm just rilly rilly stupid. Either way, I still love Oxford University.

I applied to PPE at Exeter College. It would have been okay if the accommodation had been horrible, or the tutors had been snobby, or the other applicants had been hard faced uber-competitive public school bastards. But they weren't. I had an absolutely fantastic time; obviously the interviews themselves, and waiting-for-the-interviews wasn't so hot, but it'd been a while since I'd felt that white-faced, we're-all-scared-shitless-and-about-to-die-when-scarcely-eighteen camraderie that only extreme circumstances (like working on a nuclear reactor, sitting on a sinking ship and applying to a competitive Oxbridge course) inspire.

I wish I could blame snobbery (It's because I'm an orphan! And working-class! And Scottish!). I wish I could hate the place (yeah, the Hogwarts dining hall was just stupid! And their £3000 per annum hardship fund sucks ass!) or the interviewers (that bloody politics tutor didn't remind me of my favourite uncle at all!!) or the other wannabees (I bloody hate it when people are lucky enough to go to schools with decent facilities! Bastards!).

But I can't. Because I am in love. Doomed love. Like Romeo and Juliette, if Juliette was a well-manicured bastion of internationally-renowned intellectual rigour and Romeo was an eighteen year old girl called Suzanne.

Blah. (Hello fellow rejects, by the way. This is my first post. *waves*)
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Esteem Falls With Broken Balls [Dec. 18th, 2005|12:42 am]
Oxbridge Rejects
I really have to admit, it does really pee me off,
that my place at oxford uni, has been taken by a toff.
I opened up the letter, and skimmed through the words
and found i wasn't joining, the uni of swats and nerds.

"application unsuccessful", the little letter read,
well thats it i thought, i'm off to york instead.
every year 25,000, apply to get a spot,
7,000 get in, but 18,000 do not.

I thought it wouldn't effect me, i prepared for the fall,
but what i found today, is i couldn't prepare at all.
They gave me a taste, of the oxford uni way,
and 3 days later, they snatched this dream away.

I've joined the Oxbridge rejects, a small exclusive club,
that grows every year, with the people that they snub,
They're all feelin like me, crushed and slightly low,
but down this destructive path, i'm unwilling to go

so over the coming months, in my final 6th form days,
i'm gonna work my ass off, to get them friggin A's.
Let them little buttholes, at the big oxford HQ,
know they made the wrong decision, they should have put me through!

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sigh [Dec. 9th, 2005|08:46 pm]
Oxbridge Rejects
One of the worst things about being an *Oxbridge reject* is definately going to an interview at another top university & having all the rahs ask you when your interview is, only to give your honest answer & having to endure the awkward silences that follows. Or having the rahs tell you that they don't really want to go to the university that you are having the interview for, as they are clearly Oxbridge fodder.

They were all boring & the same though! I don't understand!

Nevermind, I found a bitching partner in the form of an interviewee's father, whose son was a Cambridge reject. We reckoned that his son & I didn't get into Oxbridge as we were not sporty. Clearly this is true.
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Article Link [Nov. 20th, 2005|02:17 pm]
Oxbridge Rejects

It's been on there a while now but it may be of interest to some still. Mods, if this isn't ok, just rip it right on down!

Kiwibox Article: "I Am An Oxbridge Reject"
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(no subject) [Nov. 9th, 2005|11:02 pm]
Oxbridge Rejects

I applide to Oxford: fuckpigs wouldn't even see me. At the end of the day I realised it was because I was a little orriginal and not an all round perfect wankshaft. This is a good thing. I now studdy at St Andrews, a by far superior institution by merit of the degree lasting four in stead of three years and resulting in an MA rather than a Batchelors. This is why the Scottish system is better, and St Andrews, best of the Scottish system, the best by far. It might also be to do with the fact they let me in.

Go fuck yourself, Oxbridge, you little buggery shitheads.
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Pack of toffs... [Sep. 14th, 2005|01:22 am]
Oxbridge Rejects
Hey, I'm Matt...

Last year I applied to Oxford to do Physics... When I arrived for the interview I realised that I had infiltrated their system and that they had failed to filter me out, which made me happy. However, the interview was the most stressful thing I've ever done, and the professors interviewing me (This was at Trinity bw, before I forget) were really stuck up and patronising and mean to me.

So yeah, i'm going to Exeter in a couple of weeks, where I went in for my interview and they were REALLY nice to me. Oxford don't deserve me, stupid buggers...


I feel for you all... Don't let the bastards let you think you're not good enough. They were stuck up and inconsiderate to me, and anyone whos's like that is in effect acting like you are less valuable than them. Don't let it get to you.
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(no subject) [Jun. 25th, 2005|12:27 pm]
Oxbridge Rejects

[mood |accomplishedaccomplished]
[music |Robbie Williams?!]

We have a new community icon! I made it all by myself! Woo! (Keyword: bitter) I've also done some minor tweaking on the Community Info page, if anyone's bored and wants to see my very classy <ul>.

I'm thinking of plugging this community in various other places on lj. I wonder if cantabrigiensis and the like would appreciate it...I think if we did that, we'd get lots of non-rejectees joining because of the sheer novelty value, which, like, cheapens everything we stand for omg. Are there any good, active, uni application communities out there? Suggestions appreciated.
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The Most Annoying Thing... [Jun. 24th, 2005|08:55 pm]
Oxbridge Rejects

The most annoying thing about getting rejected from Cambridge is that lovely "Oh, you've been predicted three As" or "Oh, you're doing four A-Levels" followed by the lovely "So why didn't you apply to Oxford or Cambridge?"

Which of course has to be followed by the good old "Erm, I applied to Queens' at Cambrigde but they interviewed me and then turned me down" or, of course the lying option, "Erm, just didn't feel like it". Except I'm not a good liar. Which, according to one of the people I know studying at Cambridge, is the precise reason why I didn't get in!

Of course, that is followed by an uncomfortable silence, a brag about how their son/daughter/sister/pet got in or the "Oh well, at least you don't have to get three As now!"

The second two I can handle. But the third one then has to be followed by "Well, actually, my firm offer is AAA"

Again, cue uncomfortable silence.

Damn stupid Law degrees!!!
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yeah..well.. [Jun. 22nd, 2005|02:15 pm]
Oxbridge Rejects

Kept meaning to post here but I never got round to it until now. So yeah, I was rejected from Somerville, Oxford this December. I applied to do Ancient and Modern History, which was a pretty dumb thing to do and I later wished I'd just applied for plain old history, but they assured me I'd be considered for both. Oh well. I didn't like it anyway (that much...) I messed up one of my interviews big time though - I got an interview at University College and was totally not prepared for anything they asked. Ah well. Things suck sometimes. Now going to York/Lancaster depending on grades in these damned exams. Yay! *growls at Oxford*
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